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About Jaisalmer
Why is Jaisalmer in jeopardy?
Why is Jaisalmer in jeopardy?
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Jaisalmer in Jeopardy


Press articles

'Collapse of the Golden City' by Sue Carpenter. New Scientist, 17 December 1994

'Last Chance to save Jaisalmer' by Sue Carpenter. New Scientist, 17 June 1995

'Campaign to save India's golden city'. Daily Telegraph, 6 July 1995

'Return to the Golden City' by Sue Carpenter. New Scientist, 23 November 1995

Rajasthan Patrika, 1 October 1995

'Campaign to save Golden City' by Oliver Bennett. Daily Telegraph, 11 November 1995

'Best Ideas of 1995'. Planetary Connections, Autumn 1995

'Barometer'. Harpers & Queen, July 1996

'Roundelay'. House & Garden, July 1996

'Exhibition Diary'. World of Interiors, July 1996

'To the rescue of Jaisalmer' by Sunil Sethi. The Asian Age, July 1996

'Jaisalmer fort will be restored'. The Times of India, 30 June 1996

Hot Tickets, Evening Standard, 9 July 1996

William Hickey. Daily Express, 9 July 1996

'Just Deserts'. India Today, 31 July 1996

'The ruin of Jaisalmer'. Perspectives on Architecture, August/September 1996

'Travel Snapshots'. The Observer Life, 4 August 1996

'State of Grace' by Sue Carpenter. Swarovski Magazine, April 1998

'On the edge' by Trevor Fishlock. Condé Nast Traveller, July 1998

The Geographical Magazine, September 1998

Hot Tickets, Evening Standard, 24 September 1998

'India's dream castle in the sands' by Andrew Robinson. Independent on Sunday, 7 February 1999

'Intach meeting in Jaisalmer'. Rajasthan Patrika, 5 February 1999

' 'Awe-inspiring' fort in need of urgent help'. Indo-British Business, Spring 1999

'Indian Women's Association sponsors benefit fashion show'. Austria Today, 4 April 2000

'Holding the fort' by Sue Carpenter. The Times, 1 May 2000

'Fight to save India's famous fort'. Indo-British Business, Summer 2000

Wanderlust, June/July 2000

'The Asian bulletin'. The Asian Age, 10 June 2000

'How India changed my life' by Sue Carpenter. You Magazine (The Mail on Sunday), 22 June 2000

'Jaisalmer in Jeopardy'. The Asian, 8-14 June 2000

Departures, The Sunday Times, June 11 2000

'Diary of the Week'. Hello!, 11 July 2000

'Where in the world?'. Telegraph Travel, 7 October 2000

'Women with a mission' by Melanie Hart. PS Magazine, December/January 2001

News report, Jaisalmer Sun, Nov 2000

News report, Jaisalmer Sun, Feb 2001

'Historical havelis on verge of collapse' by Prabhu Razdan. Hindustan Times, 30 January 2001

'Jaisalmer, un rêve d'or et de miel' by Joëlle Balaresque. Côte de Sud magazine.

'Jewel in the crown'. Helena (Christensen)'s Diary in Jaisalmer. Red Magazine

'Restoring the falling fort's old glory' by Vidya Deshpande. Indian Express, 4 April 2001

'London in Jeopardy: A date with a Maharajah. Note from London' by Nabanita Sircar. Asian Age, 22 November 2001

'A Royal Treat' by Ishara Bhasi. India Today 26 November 2001

'Jaisalmer, City of Golden Sands and Strange Spirits' by Prashun Dutt. India Weekly 1 December 2001

'Diary of the Week', Hello! 4 December 2001

'Jaisalmer in Jeopardy' by Prashun Dutt. India Weekly 14 December 2001

Pakistani Post

'The Maharawal of Jaisalmer flies into Chelsea', Menu Magazine, December 2001

'People 'n' Parties, Eastern Eye Magazine, 4 January 2002

Society Magazine January 2002

'Holding Fort' Marwar Magazine January-April 2002

'Jaisalmer in Jeopardy' by Sue Carpenter Asian Art Architecture, Asian Art Newspaper, May 2002

'Unesco Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Preservation' Bangkok Post, 25 September 2002

'The Joy of Jaisalmer' by Mick Brown The Daily Telegraph Travel. 30 November 2002

Photo Archive

Solent Sail for Jaisalmer

2002 Diwali Dinner at Westminster's Cinnamon Club

Indian Ink - Salman Rushdie and Willie Dalrymple in conversation at Christie's for JiJ on September 13 2004

"The Narrative Cloth" A private view and illustrated talk at the Joss Graham Gallery of Oriental Textiles on behalf of JiJ on

Newsletters and press releases

Number 1: Autumn/Winter 2000

Number 2: Spring/Summer 2001

Number 3: Autumn/Winter 2001

Number 4: Autumn/Winter 2002

Number 5: Summer 2003

Number 6: Spring/Summer 2004

Press release 28.06.01

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